The third Yestival went down a storm (literally, thanks to Brian) in October, with 450 people sharing the stories, mud, inspiration and community spirit that we've come to expect.

Yestival is a celebration of community, positive mindset and adventurous thinking.

Set in deepest autumn with ideas and inspiration, this is a place to make new friends and plan for the future in the perfect setting, at a festival designed to recharge and ignite every seed of positivity you've ever felt.

Set in rolling green countryside at Brinsbury Agricultural Centre in West Sussex, enjoy a weekend full of workshops, talks, walks, discussions and games during the day, then comedy, inspirational lectures and chilled out music at night. This is a festival with an emphasis on discovery, inspiration and discussion, rather than drinking and partying.

Families are welcome, so much so that we have our own little corner of family magic to keep kids and parents happy, it's called DreamCamp! Anyone who has ever had a dream and either seen it through or decided to hold on until the right time, this is the festival for you.

Yestival is a reminder of human potential and our power to make it count. And that means being able to have fun, too!


  • More tales of adventure than any decent person can handle
  • Campfires, campfires and more campfires
  • A giant SayYesMore sign, upon which you can write your hopes and dreams
  • A stage that looks like a living room
  • Good food, all included in the ticket price 
  • That feeling of waking up in a field of tents, where everyone is equal
  • Smiles. So many smiles.
  • and hugs, so so many hugs (100% optional)


We're really proud to have a top quality programme of speakers from the worlds of adventure, science, tv, community building and entrepreneurship. Our speakers are trail blazers and change makers, and they stay for the WHOLE weekend, thats the deal! 


Click through here to see what's on our recommended kit list to survive a weekend at Yestival....


On Saturday and Sunday mornings we enjoy a triple bill choice for Yestival guests: the best free fitness class in the world with Project Awesome, rocking out without a whisper in our Silent Disco or finding zen with our resident Yoga team. 


To learn all about this year's epic project and to meet our new HQ: The YesBus, click the photo above.


Check out this 8min film made about last year's Yestival by the amazingly talented Ben Arthur and get ready for more of the same in 2017.


DreamCamp is a magical corner of Yestival for youngsters and families to come and explore their dreams. Epic mini adventures, games, bushcraft & fires, and a camp tuck shop. Kids imagine that you can do anything, and we mean anything!


We're really proud to have held what we think is the first ever 100% single-use plastic free festival. We work closely with the Meek Family, Keen Footwear and others to ensure that this was a Plastic Clever event, meaning no single-use plastic anywhere during the festival. A free reusable water bottle went to each guest, a Yestival mug was used for all drinks from the cafe and bar, and food was served and eaten using recyclable paper and wooden plates and cutlery. 


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Since Dave Cornthwaite turned his personal SayYesMore motto into a wider enterprise in 2012 it remained an organic, positive idea.

People began to act on the message, heading out and achieving adventures, starting businesses, quitting jobs (that they hated), fixing things, simplifying their lives. They’d often send in images wearing SayYesMore shirts in epic places.

At the beginning of Summer 2015, Dave decided that rather than take on an adventure of his own, he’d remain in the UK and see how many of his Facebook audience he could turn into real friends.

And thus the SayYesMore Summer Series was born. Once or twice a week Dave would invite people to take a train out of London, spend time with a group of strangers and camp out under the stars. They came, in their hundreds!

Yestival is a celebration of this Summer’s success and a chance to have one big campout before the Winter sets in.

The Yestival Philosophy

Designed around the SayYesMore ethos of creating small lifestyle choices that add up to big changes, Yestival2017 is our third big event, and an opportunity for a community of like-minded, driven people to come together in order to investigate options for personal and social positive change.

With a host of speakers, talks, activities and seminars covering topics as diverse as adventure, finding work we love, kindness, bravery, community building, freedom, environment and passion projects, we're so excited to invite you to join over four hundred people in a little field near London for a weekend of camping and life-changing discussion.

This isn't a music festival, although there will be some tunes in the evenings. And it's not a drinking festival either, although the bar will be open from 16:00. It's a chance to take things to the next step while surrounded by nature, good people, and a determination to break down fears and make the most of life, regardless of what's happened in the past.

Yestival is like a positive mental asylum.
— Anna Mcnuff