We're all about re-investing - Our Not for Profit Declaration

We started SayYesMore and the YesTribe because we felt there was a need for a community in London (and further afield) that didn't revolve around money.

SayYesMore is a not-for-profit social enterprise with no salaried staff, just an ever-expanding team of volunteers helping to grow and sustain the YesTribe community. Any profits are re-invested into SayYesMore, ensuring an ongoing series of events (many of them free) and the continued curation of our online portals including this website, the  central YesTribe Facebook Group and all other social channels.

As of January 2017 SayYesMore has received an income of just under £64,000 since October 2015, with an outgoing of over £75,000 (difference covered by a non interest loan from private benefactor) including conversion and purchase of the YesBus. Our main income and expense is our annual festival, Yestival, and other regular costs include website and email hosting, event space rental, storage unit, volunteer expenses, team training, and long-term purchases.

Future plans include annual charitable/environmental campaigns, developing our merchandise department, partnership with an adventure book club (externally run but donating a share of profit to SayYesMore) and ongoing conversion for the YesBus, which will by Summer 2017 become a countryside hub for SayYesMore activities.

Naturally, it helps us put on more events and keep a stable foundation of "staff" if we can bring in more cash, and our aim is to be healthy financially by the end of 2017, meaning no debt, enough money to ensure that volunteers are not out of pocket through their support of the tribe, and several avenues of income including possible membership/ crowdfunding to help us keep up the good work. 

Not doing this for money is important, and so is avoiding the stress that having no money brings!

Our door is always open to any questions and please don't hesitate to drop us a line if you'd like to lend a hand.